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Our Work: Recent Projects & Case Studies

FulcrumTech specializes in leveraging the latest interactive technologies to develop and improve online marketing programs. We help our clients take their online marketing to the next level by defining objectives and designing a program that specifically meets those objectives.

Take a look at the samples of our work below and read some case studies about how we helped clients in a variety of industries reach – and often exceed – their online marketing goals. And, be sure to check our portfolio of email design samples.

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FulcrumTech Designs and Optimizes a Holiday Email Campaign Resulting in 87% More Total Sales Over Previous Holiday Campaign and 186% ROI

Wolters Kluwer Health sought to improve the results obtained from previous holiday email campaigns for publisher Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, tapping FulcrumTech to help them design and optimize a holiday email campaign for 2012. FulcrumTech developed an email test and optimization plan to measure the impact of timing for sending emails, email design, and other elements, such as subject line and call to action. Compared to the 2010 holiday campaign results, significant improvement was achieved in the overall results of the 2012 holiday email campaign, including a 62% higher unique open rate, 11.5% higher total click-through rate, a total sales increase of 87%, and a 186% ROI.

Annual Revenue Increases by 20% Thanks to Improvements Identified by FulcrumTech’s 10-Point Email Audit

As the leading provider of online niche job boards, this client tapped FulcrumTech to help drive improvement for their email newsletter program. We conducted a 10-point Email Audit and identified several opportunities for focused improvement. Within several months of implementing the first round of changes, email newsletter open rates increased by 20% and click-through rates by 25%. Plus, email list cleanup up enabled improved metrics for paid targeted email campaigns, boosting revenue by 20% this year.

Online Advertising Campaign Yields 58% Conversion Rate

This healthcare publishing client sought to increase membership sign up to a recently launched social networking Web site for physical therapy professionals. To accomplish this, we created an online advertising campaign that included an engaging online ad and optimized landing page. This email marketing campaign resulted in a 58% conversion rate, resulting in a significant surge in new member sign ups for our client.

Social Network Grows to More than 300 Members Strong in its First Month

This healthcare publishing client was looking for ways to extend its current educational market for physical therapists beyond students and schools. To accomplish this, we developed a social network specifically for physical therapist professionals as part of a comprehensive online business strategy that also includes a continuing education offering. Less than one month after introduction, the social network already had more than 300 registered members and continues to grow weekly.

Web Site and Newsletter Campaign Increase Web Traffic by 450%

This client’s goals included increasing traffic to their Web site and generating more new business leads. Thanks to our comprehensive Web site evaluation and redesign, plus the introduction of an e-newsletter program we developed: Average monthly site visits increased more than 450%, solid leads have been generated and the company’s revenue growth has reached well into the double digits.

Web Site Redesign Yields a 120% Increase in Daily Conversions

This Web-based client had a high rate of product trials but a very low rate of conversion to a paid subscription. To solve this problem, we designed and developed a new marketing front end which clearly laid out the product benefits and simplified the sign up process. The results were huge, a 50% increase in daily trials and a 120% increase in daily conversions.