Does Your Business Need an ESP That Supports a Relational Database?

Are you looking to grow your business with the help of targeted and timely email campaigns? Then you likely need an email service provider (ESP) that supports a relational database. In this blog, find out whether a relational or flat-file database best meets your organization’s email-marketing needs.

Landing-Page Optimization – 9 Tips for Driving Email Campaign Conversions

9 Tips for Driving Email Campaign Conversions
Landing pages are critical to the effectiveness of your email campaigns. That’s because even if your email open and click-through rates are phenomenal, a campaign isn’t a success unless prospects follow through to your marketing goal and convert. Here we share some of our top tips and tactics for optimizing landing pages to help drive conversions and give a boost to your email-marketing return on investment (ROI).

InsideHook Email Review: Does it hook subscribers into taking a survey?

The subject line of this email – “hey man what’s up?” – comes off as a bit spammy. Perhaps InsideHook was hoping to emulate the most popular email subject line in President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, which was “hey.” But considering that the email recipient in this case is female, the subject line is especially inappropriate.

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