Email Deliverability — How to Identify a Problem You May Not Know You Have

Are your email campaigns actually getting to subscribers’ inboxes? At FulcrumTech, determining whether a new client has deliverability issues is one of the first things we do when assessing email-marketing programs or warming up Internet protocol (IP) addresses. While many tools are available to analyze inbox placement, there are also several reports you can run on your own to detect if your organization has a deliverability problem.

Runner’s World Email: Starts Strong, But Falls Flat

This promotional email from Runner’s World was sent to someone who had signed up for a workout program through Women’s Health Magazine, which is another Rodale publication. Apparently, Women’s Health shared this individual’s information with other partner publications, as she had not subscribed to receive emails from Runner’s World. As an avid runner, however, she was familiar with Runner’s World (displayed in the email’s from line) and intrigued by the subject line – “Go from WALKING to RUNNING 30 minutes in only 30 days!”

How to Use Drip Email Campaigns to Drive Conversions

If you think automated drip campaigns are an impersonal way to nurture prospects and customers, think again. When it’s done right, email drip marketing has proven to be a highly effective way to build customer relationships and loyalty and to increase sales. For some great examples of drip marketing success, be sure to check out…

Drip Email Campaign Best Practices

In last month’s NewsLever feature — “The Basics of Email Drip Marketing” — we demonstrated how effective drip campaigns give prospects the information they need to help guide them closer to a purchase. In this second article of a two-part series, we highlight key best practices that drip email campaigns need to succeed. Drip marketing…

Country Curtains Triggered Email: Does It Have a Creepy Factor?

“Thanks for Visiting!” That was the subject line of this email sent to a Country Curtains customer who had recently visited the company’s website and perused the available rug selection. The subject line piqued this recipient’s interest – especially since she hadn’t recently purchased Country Curtains merchandise or visited any Country Curtains retail stores. Once she opened the email and saw the image of the rugs, she realized that this email had been triggered in response to her browsing the Country Curtains website.

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