13 Tips for Creating an Email Newsletter Your Subscribers Can’t Wait to Read

A quick read of highly relevant, bite-sized portions of information – that’s what successful email newsletters offer. They help cut through the clutter of online information with highlights of what’s important to a specific target audience. When it comes to email newsletters, are you doing everything possible to meet your subscribers’ needs? Is your publication…

The Popcorn Factory Email: Does It Get the Conversion … Just Because?

This email was sent to a customer who purchased a gift online from The Popcorn Factory a few years ago and has since continued to receive promotional emails from the company. The subject line – “Why Send a Popcorn Card … Just Because” – prompted this recipient to open the email. Never having seen or heard of a popcorn card, this email’s subject line piqued her curiosity to find out more.

Email Deliverability — How to Identify a Problem You May Not Know You Have

Are your email campaigns actually getting to subscribers’ inboxes? At FulcrumTech, determining whether a new client has deliverability issues is one of the first things we do when assessing email-marketing programs or warming up Internet protocol (IP) addresses. While many tools are available to analyze inbox placement, there are also several reports you can run on your own to detect if your organization has a deliverability problem.

Runner’s World Email: Starts Strong, But Falls Flat

This promotional email from Runner’s World was sent to someone who had signed up for a workout program through Women’s Health Magazine, which is another Rodale publication. Apparently, Women’s Health shared this individual’s information with other partner publications, as she had not subscribed to receive emails from Runner’s World. As an avid runner, however, she was familiar with Runner’s World (displayed in the email’s from line) and intrigued by the subject line – “Go from WALKING to RUNNING 30 minutes in only 30 days!”

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