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Mobile Email-Marketing Best Practices

When it comes to opening and interacting with marketing emails, more and more consumers are making the switch from desktops to mobile devices. Are your organization’s emails tailored with mobile users in mind? In this month’s feature, we talk about best practices to ensure your mobile email-marketing efforts are having a maximum impact on your […]

Top 10 Copywriting Tips to Help Convert Your Mobile Audience

When it comes to email marketing today, mobile definitely can’t be ignored. How can you create compelling email messages that cater to your on-the-go mobile audience? Find out in this month’s feature.

Key Email Strategy for Mobile-Responsive Web Design

How important is a mobile email strategy? Considering that more than 50% of most brands’ emails will be opened on a mobile device this year, a mobile email strategy is vital for success. Here we talk about how that strategy must go beyond simply the email design to ensure that your entire conversion path — from email to website landing page — provides a great mobile experience.

How to Use Responsive Email Design to Optimize Your ROI

Do you know how many of your subscribers use mobile devices to read your emails? Probably a significant portion of your email list, given the trends among mobile users today. If your email design isn’t optimized for mobile, the poor user experience is likely having a negative impact on your response rates and return on investment (ROI). In this month’s feature, we talk about responsive email design and how it can be used to improve your subscribers’ mobile user experience.

Microsoft Launches the New Email Service Outlook.com – How Will It Impact Email Users and Marketers?

Microsoft launched its new web-based email service Outlook.com on July 31 and within just 6 hours had 1 million users, according to a company Tweet. As this new email service makes its debut, I’ll share a quick look at some of Outlook.com’s benefits for users, as well as predict how it will potentially impact email marketers in the near future.

Designing Emails for Mobile Devices

As I introduced in my first blog about the recent ExactTarget Connections 2011 conference, this was a great session that reviewed the many issues surrounding designing emails for mobile devices. Chris Studabaker of ExactTarget delivered the seminar.